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26. Wrocławskie Targi Dobrych Książek

30.11 – 3.12.2017

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Wrocław. Max Leipelt’s picture postcards

Michał Karczmarek

Folder, 24 postcards
22,4 x 33,0 cm,

versions: English-Polish

Max Leipelt was a printer, bookshop owner and publisher, and one of the most, if not the most prolific publisher of Karkonosze postcards, as well as maps, guides, photographic collections, albums, and books.

He was born on January 19 1860 in Góra św. Anny (Saint Anne’s Mountain, Annaberg in German) in Upper Silesia. He got married on his birthday in 1883, in Kowary (Schmiedeberg). It is also here where he set up and ran his publishing company up until about 1890. After 1890 he moved his company to Cieplice* (Bad Warmbrunn), where, according to address books, the company was described first as a bookbinding company (Buchbinderei), and later as a bookshop and publishing house (“Fortuna Buch-Kunst, Musikalien und Papierhandlung”).
Max Leipelt was a recognized and respected individual in Cieplice. In 1906 and 1916 he was a member of the local council, and from 1887 a member of the Craft Association of which he was the chairman for ten years. He also belonged to the Catholic Church Society in the town. He ran his company until 1926 and died two years later on Wednesday the 19th of April. He was buried in Cieplice cemetery, located opposite the railway station, and within the Catholic section. A death notice was published inside the day’s second edition of “Warmbrunner Nachtrichten”, published on April 19, 1928.
Günther Leipelt, born on March 19, 1892, and a bookshop owner and antiquarian, continued the work of his father. From December 1918 he was the co-owner of the company, dealing at first with sales at the family shop. He took over the print shop in 1926 and ran it until mid 1945.

During its sixty-one years of operation, the Leipelt company created over ten thousand different postcards, with a series mainly devoted to the Karkonosze Mountains, Wrocław, and the reproductions of Professor Carl Ernst Morgenstern’s paintings.

The set of postcards reproduced in this collection constitutes only a part of Max Leipelt’s publishing output on Wrocław. What is known is that Leipelt captured no fewer than sixty different locations within the Lower Silesian capital in this unique series. Each postcard is numbered with a sequential number in a continuous pagination of all postcards issued. Although the postcards are undated, it can be assumed that due to specific buildings that are present in the pictures, the photographs were taken during the first decade of the 20th century, and which show the most well-known areas of Wrocław: Ostrów Tumski, the Odra Islands, and the Old Town and the immediate surrounding area.

Michał Karczmarek

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