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26. Wrocławskie Targi Dobrych Książek

30.11 – 3.12.2017

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Hala Stulecia
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Secrets of the four Temples District

Beata Maciejewska (text),
Tomasz Broda (Drawings)

21,5 x 16,5 cm, 100 pages,
versions: English, Polish

The Four Temples District is a magical place. It is here where the followers of four creeds – the Roman Catholics, the Jews, the Orthodox and the Protestants – live side by side. Yet the district has never been as saintly as one might have imagined. Over the centuries the district has witnessed passionate love affairs, sublime crimes, deals worth millions, and minor swindling, as well as the creation of pieces of art – and scandals – which have forever gone down in history.
Journalist and writer Beata Maciejewska knows all the secrets of past and present inhabitants of Wrocław – including those that perhaps should not be mentioned – and takes you on a tour around the district. She has joined forces with graphic artist Tomasz Broda, whose original imagination has captivated many hearts and minds. Join them to discover in which building a choir of deceased nuns gave a concert, where ‘Tit Square’ was, why the inn on Ruska Street was called Under the Green Pole, who – for the sake of beer – turned down the career of an archbishop, what shameful disease Casanova took with him as a souvenir from Wrocław, and where a young lady from the city was seduced by Johann Wolfgang Goethe.
The Four Temples District is not only about the past. Our indiscreet authors also reveal in which bin the Wrocław rabbis disposed of their rubbish, where a theatre director buys handcuffs designed for erotic foreplay, what a famous actor hides under his shirt, and what culinary dish is beyond the skills of a well-known folk singer.
It is not always pleasant to be the subject of the authors’ pens and paintbrushes… but on the other hand, it is quite intriguing to read about it all!

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