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26. Wrocławskie Targi Dobrych Książek

30.11 – 3.12.2017

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Hala Stulecia
ul. Wystawowa 1


Muzeums of Wrocław

edited by Beata Lejman
Translation from Polish: Dorota & Richard Coldman

24,6 x 24,6 cm, 144 pages,
versions: English, German, Polish

Museums have become fashionable. There we contemplate ourselves. Focused on art, history, natural history or technology, they present every domain of human activity – culture and science that we have created. They also reflect our attitude toward Nature. They are places of education, art therapy and social debate on the most important subjects. Formerly quite elitist, today they direct their offering and invitation to all, not forgetting children. Science has concurred that the world concocted therein – a specific spacio-temporal domain of the museum – stimulates the development of the brain whose centres react with unusual intensity, in particular to works of art that give pleasure. During this era of crisis affecting human sciences, museums still manage to surprise us with new activities of a scientific, artistic, psychological and social character. They ask evaluative questions – unknown to the world of commerce and mass production – of sense and meaning, the beauty, the good and the true. Of whence we come, who we are and whither we are headed. They are treasure troves of our earthly civilization.

This publication presents an overview of the offering of these culture-building institutions in our extraordinary city. It is an invitation to a fascinating adventure awaiting the museum goer – an exciting and instructive one. This offering is destined for the citizens of Wrocław, for whom the presented institutions are a source of pride, as well as for the guests to the capital of Lower Silesia who usually direct their first steps precisely to museums, in order to experience and understand the genius loci – the spirit of the place where they happen to find themselves.

Beata Lejman

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